What I do

I am a body positive and gender affirming tailor. I studied set and costume design at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, graduating with a BFA in Performance Production in 2016. I relocated to Los Angeles in summer of 2018.

I tailor for all bodies, and all genders, and all clothes. I work to make tailoring acessible to all bodies, especially those in the trans community that have trouble finding things off the rack.

The Basics

Prices: 18 an hour for alterations/tailoring, straight stitch hems are 10 each for jeans/skirts, blind hems and trouser hems are 15 each. Materials (zippers, etc) are added on top of hourly rates

Location: I do not have a good location to take clients in my apartment- I'm in a small studio in Koreatown. However, I'll happily travel to you within the greater los angeles area, from about Tujunga to Knotts Berry Farm.

How it works: Reach out to me with what you need- as many specifics as possible. What sort of garment(s), what needs done, etc. I'll let you know if it's a job I'm capable of doing or not.

We set up a time, and location to meet. It can be your home or office. If you want me to get it done while you wait I'm happy to bring my machine and work onsite. If not, I'll pin it, take it, and bring it back in about a week.

Payment: I take cash, venmo, or cashapp. I'll let you know directly, or by call/text the cost before I return the garment to you.

Low Income and Need Based services

I have thought about charging different rates for cis or trans people, and while I'd like to do that I'd like to keep dignity for all clients and have no one turned away. And so, instead, I'm offering the lowest rate I can in order to pay my bills.

I'm asking that if you are in a better financial position, you are a person with privilege, or if you wish to better support and offset keeping my base rate accessible to all, that you add on an additional tip or tell me up front you'd like a higher rate.

I'm working on the honor system here. If you can't afford more, I won't ask for it. Nor will I screen clients to verify their finances. I believe tailoring should be an accessible service for all. However if you can afford it, you help me service more people that can't.

Need my help? Let’s get started.

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